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Our specialization lies in getting performance from influencer marketing. With a pool of over 10K+ Influencers including Micro, Mini and Mega influencers, it gives us a great mix of Regional as well as Pan India presence. We have been executing campaigns with regional influencers to reach your native audience too. This separates us from other influencer management companies.

  • Our influencer marketing approach helps brands get additional reach along with measurable outcomes i.e. CAC, ROAS.
  • Our influencer program is not limited to specific channels but spans across multiple social platforms i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Moj, Telegram, and more
  • We have delivered 1000+ content in a month to a gaming brand in the form of Instagram reels with the right targeting and desired CPAs with right blend of Micro, Mini, and Mega influencers.
  • Compared to other influencer marketing agencies, our USP is to work on performance-led metrics and deliver brand reach + performance.
  • We can cater to the brand’s needs by customizing a plan to include a combination of delivery formats i.e. Reels, YouTube Shorts, Stories posts, and by allocating even a small budget to the relevant mediums, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook mediums. We offer customized plan to include different delivery format i.e. Reels, YouTube Shorts, Stories posts and others to get  desired unique reach and to create opportunity for further experiments.

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