Slide Data-Driven Digital Marketing that drives Results We are extremely passionate about data to find opportunities and anomalies. This has helped us deliver stellar results with minimal costs. We are a bunch of consultants, entrepreneurs and marketer and agility comes naturally to us. Our prior experience with corporates and Startup has enabled us to find a balance between process, speed to market, cost-effectiveness yet look for scale. Contact US Connect on WhatsApp

Influencer Marketing

We help brands with 2 fold objective i.e. to increase brand awareness and performance.
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Performance Marketing

Multi-Channel Approach: We believe performance can be scaled beyond traditional channels.
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Retention Marketing

We have witnessed brands spending 10X more on acquisition compared to retention.
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We believe that organic traffic is any brand’s real strength and hence help brands with SEO.
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We approach marketing with a data driven analytical approach at every stage of the user journey.
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E-commerce Management

Our founding team has worked with major E-commerce.
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    We are driven by :
    Our core values are aligned to drive growth for businesses in an ethical and transparent manner. Number crunching is our primary strength and it becomes slightly easy for us to identify the root cause of problems and potential solutions. Our founding team has early mover advantage to transaction led businesses in India, making us extremely easy for you to work with us and tell us your problems.
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